Friday, April 15, 2005

The Art and Nuance of LivePA

The people over at
>><< have released another article discussing the aspects and nuances of Live Electronic music. I personally think the article nails the topic right on the head in trying to convey the aesthetics that we PA artists feel when we do the music we do.

We certainly have an arrogance or pride about us over the DJ's. I mean hell we are playing the music we wrote. I always did find it funny how a DJ when would raise his hand up into the air when drop it right when the drop in the song came, as if he was creating the transition. He merely is memorizing the position of the song, whereas we are the creators of said transition.

Most people who have not experienced livePA, or those artists who make music but don't know livePA, are really missing out on a critical part of the sub-culture in which we have chosen to exist in. I really think more artists should get into the LivePA gig.

I highly encourage all those who feel they are part of the sub-culture of electronic music and design to look into these articles. go to a LivePA show when it comes up and realize the magic that LivePA brings to the electronic music world.

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