Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Firebird Band


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.:Offical Website:.

I was able to see a really fun band this past weekend. It was a complete random walk into a cafe and boom, there they were.

The Firebird Band is a great dark synth pop indie electronica band from the Champaign area. They are signed on Lucid records and the band consists of two offical members, but there are four on the tour. The lead singer was really cool, laying down on stage because the audience was sitting. He also slipped on a chord which was quite hilarious.

I ended up buying the cd at the show and it is quite good. Anyways, if your looking for some goth synth pop then here is a little taste for ya.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

LCD Soundsystem: Electropunk Meets Artful Lyricism.


.:LCD Soundsystem:.

Good lyrics are not something most people commonly associate with electronic music these days. To many there is even a lack of good instrumental electronic music. Pop has really turned into a four let.....uhhhh....You know.

Anyways, LCD Soundsystem is one of those bands rocking out with pure genuine tunes. James Murphy is the brainchild of LCD Soundsystem in the studio churning out catchy tunes with a mixture of vintage and modern gear. His lyrics are presented as being poetic if not at times following the geek aesthetic.

don't let the studio work overshadow the live show though. This is defiantly not one of those bands hammering it out all in a computer and then looking content as they hit play. With a full band James is accompanied by drummer, Pat Mahoney; keyboardist, Nancy Whang; bassist, Tyler Pope; and Phil Mossman on guitar. The songs translate quite well live and the music is definitely something to check out. The songs effectively come across as being familiar while maintaining the interest one would expect from a live show. The overall experience is a unique blend of artful indie punky gooey goodness while still getting you to move your rump.

So hit up their website and give them a look.
.:LCD Soundsystem:.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tim Shaw aka. Exile performing live with Reaktor 5


.:Time Shaw aka. Exile Interview:.

Time Shaw aka. Exile is a Live Drum N'Bass performance artist taking an approach much less traveled. Instead of using the popular Ableton Live, Tim instead is using Reaktor 5, a modular software programming environment, to perform his live shows. Tim has a degree in electro-acoustic composition as well as extensive knowledge of DSP programming.

He has created a Reaktor ensemble that allows him to loop and chop Drum N' Bass loops and sample vocals on the fly. His setup consists of a laptop, a Dopefer Controller, an Evolution Controller and a keyboard.

The Native Instruments website has a fantastic video and interview with Tim demonstrating how he uses Reaktor 5 live, how he setup his patches, ensemble and controllers. Overall his use of software, creativity and musical capabilities are quite impressive. It is extremely refreshing to see someone demonstrating a new approach to the software live performance arena.

You can read the interview, see the video and download a copy of Tim's Reaktor Ensemble at the .:Native Instruments Website:.

Tim also has a new album coming out on Planet Mu entitled
"Pro Agonist"