Thursday, March 30, 2006

Zengomi Demonstrating Ambient Drone



This video has artist Zengomi demonstrating an ambient drone while using a Roland JP-8080 and Korg Z1.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Robert Rich Live


.:Robert Rich:.

Robert Rich, an ambient and avant garde artist is currently on tour promoting his new album entitled .:Electric Ladder:.

Apparently he is has a very cool live show that features impressive video, custom lasers and even a MOTM modular. Nobody takes a modular out on tour. Find more pictures .:Here:., and be sure to check out his new album


Friday, March 24, 2006

James Zabielia: Demonstrating Feedback Looping


.:Feedback Looping Videos:.

This small collection of videos shows James Zabielia demonstrating various feedback looping techniques using a Pioneer EFX1000. While this isn't livepa per se, these techniques can definitely be applied to livepa and other effects boxes.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

International Chiptune Resistance: Nullsleep and Bitshifter World Tour


.:International Chiptune Resistance:.

Popular 8-bit artists Nullsleep and Bitshifter are embarking on a world tour to showcase their popular representations of 8-bit music. Full information regarding tour locations can be found on the website.

Announcing the INTERNATIONAL CHIPTUNE RESISTANCE, an unprecedented global tour featuring low-bit tactical specialists Bit Shifter and Nullsleep. Equipped solely with Nintendo Game Boys and NES consoles, this two-man cell operates as a highly dangerous mobile chiptune assault unit. Deployment date: May 2006; mission objective: total chiptune conquest; and a mission trajectory encircling the entire world, with more than 20 strike points throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. The familiar beeps, clicks, and tones of obsolete game hardware, repurposed into arresting laser-guided melodies and low-res, hard-hitting precision rhythms -- all delivered at high volume from standard-issue handhelds and home gaming consoles. The machines are small, the sound is gigantic, the scope is worldwide, the advance is unstoppable. Prepare your defenses.


Thomas Dolby: The Original Livepa Back on Tour


Thomas Dolby, the Original one man band and electronic music pioneer has decided to start a new six week tour starting April 12th in Anaheim, California.

An authentic Electronica original, THOMAS DOLBY has been making synth music for over 30-years. A definitive early MTV artist, his well-produced and intelligent videos stood out from the pack, and his songs "She Blinded Me With Science" and "Hyperactive" became huge hits. Numerous awards and five Grammy nominations later, Thomas had achieved worldwide recognition as an artist in addition to working with high profile artists such as Stevie Wonder, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Foreigner and Roger Waters.

For more information check out his homepage at: .:Thomas or the press release at: .:Marketwire:.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Mux Live Techno Sept. 10th 2005 "The Listening Room"


A great 40 minute livepa set from Mux from the Listening Room in Vancouver, Canada. If you like your classic techno then you will love Mux. He is one of my favorite Livepa artists. Check out his .:website:. for music and information

If you have problems with the embeded video try the link below.
.:Direct Link:.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

ACO Orchestra Underground "Tech & Techno"


.:ACO Orchestra Underground "Tech & Techno" March 17 & 18, 2006:.

Orchestra merging with techno...or perhaps the better description would be classical merging with techno?

All of the geeks who have been waiting for the post-punk apocalyptic future, where music is made in your head and the boundaries dividing genres, aesthetic and media may finally have their hay-day. (Ironic how hay-day is decidingly old sounding.)

The American Composers Orchestra (ACO) is an innovative
new underground orchestra that is striving to push the boundaries of what a convential orchestra is supposed to sound like. Their newest performance series is called "Tech and Techno" and features the latest of music technology and sounds from the underground electronic scene mixed with a full orchestra. Certainly sounds intresting.

"ACO's Orchestra Underground initiative stretches the definition of the symphony orchestra through non-traditional instrumentation, technological innovation, and multimedia collaborations. Since its inception, the series has made good on ACO's intentions to go where no symphony orchestra has gone before, focusing on an eclectic mixture of today's composers and artists, attracting new artists and listeners, and playing to sold-out houses. 'We programmed 'Tech & Techno' in response to the dramatic changes in the way music is both created and consumed today,' says ACO Music Director Steven Sloane. 'With so many people today walking around with iPods and MP3 players -- creating a virtual soundtrack to their daily lives -- there are drastic changes in listeners' expectations and perceptions. Meanwhile composers are adopting new technological tools and blending new musical sources at an astonishing pace. We wanted a program that captures that confluence of these worlds -- in energy and excitement."

You can find more info and ticket information on the website. I will try to keep an eye out for a recording of these performances because they promise to be very intresting.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006 Livepa Comic Strip


I think just about every single livepa performer can attest to this.

Be sure to check out other great comics and even some livepa music from these guys at:

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Ambient Ping: Live Ambient Tuesday's In Toronto



Every Tuesday night at the Hacienda Lounge in Toronto Canada the Ambient Bing brings artists from all over North America for an evening of ambient electronic music.

Visit their website for information on the latest acts

PatrickDSP-Boxed Lunch Liveset


.:Boxed Lunch Mp3:.

Here is a great banging techno set from PatrickDSP. Supposedly improv, but it sounds a little too clean to me to be improved.

Be sure to check out his homepage as well.
.:PatrickDSP Homepage:.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

New West Electro-Acoustic Music Organization (NWEAMO)


.:NWEAMO Homepage:.

The....New West Electro-Acoustic Music Organization (NWEAMO) is an organization dedicated to the promotion of music that involves the creative use of computers and electronics, and to putting electro-acoustic composers and musicians in the Pacific Northwest in contact with the international electronic music community. (Quite a mouthful.)

Ever year they have a "worldwide" music festival that covers various cities and music styles. They are currently accepting submissions for the 2006 festival entitled Pulse: the Influence of Africa.

The purpose of this year's festival is for the artist's personal interpretation of African pulse, rhythms, music, dances, cultures, traditions, philosophies, and spiritual practices.

This year's festival plans to take place in:
* Portland, OR - Sep. 24
* San Diego, CA - Sep. 30 & Oct. 1, 2006
* Morelia, Mexico - TBA
* Italy - TBA

With support from assistance from the .:Regional Arts and Culture Council:., the .:Quebec Art Council:., and .:San Diego State University:..

Overall pretty impressive. If you are looking to signup or learn more information about the event and its organizers please visit their site. .:NWEAMO:.

Aphex Twin Live in Torino


.:Aphex Twin Live in Torino - Google Video:.

Here is a video link of Aphex Twin performing live in Torino Italy, with visuals by Chris Cunningham. Unfortunately I do not have a date on this video, but it seems to be from the summer.

The video opens with about 3 minutes of Italian scrolling by the screen. I have no idea what it says but it is probably some anti-piracy thing or something. Now as cool as Aphex is, the crowd doesn't seem to be doing much. Maybe he is blowing them away, or maybe they just can't dance to the crazy glitch that is Aphex Twin. Anyways, enjoy the video.

If you want to download the 360mb .avi file you can find it: .:Here:.

Friday, March 03, 2006

JayCynik: Mini practice DnB live set


Here's a practice session - recorded live PA set... all dnb yet finishes out with a breaks track.

live bass, live keys, sequencing/drums run through adobe audition then recorded straight back in. The whole set is about 30 minutes.

.:JayCynik Practice Liveset:.

track list is:

1. 9am Soho
2. boulevard
3. the creeks
4. riot squad
5. hard eight
6. bruiser"

Check out his Myspace page as well: .:JayCynik & the Teenage Zombies:.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Elemental Live @ Noir, Bristol 24/02/2006


.:Elemental Liveset Link:.

Live recording of Elemental's Live set from Noir @ Blue Mountain, Bristol 24th Feb 2006. Set performed using Ableton Live, 2 x Faderfox LV-1 controllers and a Behringer BCR-2000 MIDI controller.