Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tim Shaw aka. Exile performing live with Reaktor 5

.:Time Shaw aka. Exile Interview:.

Time Shaw aka. Exile is a Live Drum N'Bass performance artist taking an approach much less traveled. Instead of using the popular Ableton Live, Tim instead is using Reaktor 5, a modular software programming environment, to perform his live shows. Tim has a degree in electro-acoustic composition as well as extensive knowledge of DSP programming.

He has created a Reaktor ensemble that allows him to loop and chop Drum N' Bass loops and sample vocals on the fly. His setup consists of a laptop, a Dopefer Controller, an Evolution Controller and a keyboard.

The Native Instruments website has a fantastic video and interview with Tim demonstrating how he uses Reaktor 5 live, how he setup his patches, ensemble and controllers. Overall his use of software, creativity and musical capabilities are quite impressive. It is extremely refreshing to see someone demonstrating a new approach to the software live performance arena.

You can read the interview, see the video and download a copy of Tim's Reaktor Ensemble at the .:Native Instruments Website:.

Tim also has a new album coming out on Planet Mu entitled
"Pro Agonist"

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