Sunday, February 26, 2006

Curtis B: 5 minute Live video

.:Curtis B Video:.

Here is a little video of Curtis B performing Live. Thanks to Professor Quack over at

Professor Quack said:
"I was out last night and snapped this of Curtis b at a club in town. He was using a sp808 a mc505 a djmixer and a mpc4000. The 4000 is like bringing a IBM enterprise server to a gig. When he turned it on the lights in the club dimmed, and two circuits blew. He had to call the power company to get a technician out to install a dedicated mpc outlet. But then mid way through setup the heat coming from that thing caused the club's fire alarm to go off, the fire dept said before a mpc4000 can be used in public it needs a safety inspection. Needless to say all he needed was to add a proper cryogenic cooling system and the show went on. Anyways here's 5 mins of Curtis b."

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