Thursday, March 16, 2006

ACO Orchestra Underground "Tech & Techno"

.:ACO Orchestra Underground "Tech & Techno" March 17 & 18, 2006:.

Orchestra merging with techno...or perhaps the better description would be classical merging with techno?

All of the geeks who have been waiting for the post-punk apocalyptic future, where music is made in your head and the boundaries dividing genres, aesthetic and media may finally have their hay-day. (Ironic how hay-day is decidingly old sounding.)

The American Composers Orchestra (ACO) is an innovative
new underground orchestra that is striving to push the boundaries of what a convential orchestra is supposed to sound like. Their newest performance series is called "Tech and Techno" and features the latest of music technology and sounds from the underground electronic scene mixed with a full orchestra. Certainly sounds intresting.

"ACO's Orchestra Underground initiative stretches the definition of the symphony orchestra through non-traditional instrumentation, technological innovation, and multimedia collaborations. Since its inception, the series has made good on ACO's intentions to go where no symphony orchestra has gone before, focusing on an eclectic mixture of today's composers and artists, attracting new artists and listeners, and playing to sold-out houses. 'We programmed 'Tech & Techno' in response to the dramatic changes in the way music is both created and consumed today,' says ACO Music Director Steven Sloane. 'With so many people today walking around with iPods and MP3 players -- creating a virtual soundtrack to their daily lives -- there are drastic changes in listeners' expectations and perceptions. Meanwhile composers are adopting new technological tools and blending new musical sources at an astonishing pace. We wanted a program that captures that confluence of these worlds -- in energy and excitement."

You can find more info and ticket information on the website. I will try to keep an eye out for a recording of these performances because they promise to be very intresting.


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