Tuesday, April 04, 2006

MEXICAN r4WB1t5 macro.Fest: 04/06/06 -04/09/06

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Throughout Chicago this weekend artists and musicians from Mexico city are coming to showcase their art across the entire metropolitan area. This looks to be a great event showcasing not only some great music but also some great art. You can find specific deals of venues, times and artists on the website.

Chicago├é’s fourth instance of the decentralized and distributed (A) r4wb1t5 macro.Fest consists of a string of New Media art events occurring each day from April 5th through April 9th. Various alternative art spaces in Chicago will function as hosts for these individually curated and connected r4wb1t5 micro.Fests. Each micro.Fest is organized by individual curators based in Mexico City and facilitated in Chicago by Amanda Gutierrez, jon.satrom and jonCates. This r4wb1t5 macro.Fest is a macro-expansion/explosion of previous smaller r4wb1t5 micro.Fest activities.

This r4wb1t5 macro.Fest initiates a cultural exchange wherein Chicago-based curators, organizers and artists will soon travel to Mexico City to develop a sister r4wb1t5 festival. Artists, curators, organizers, facilitators and participants gather for these free and open events comprised of live audio and video, media art screenings, installations, and network based art in the discursive context of r4WB1t5. Join the conversational hyperthreads of these dynamic exchanges between Chicago and Mexico City!


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