Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tech Support Showdown 2007 - LAPTOP Magazine

Tech Support Showdown 2007 - LAPTOP Magazine

We have discussed on this blog several times about this laptop brand and that laptop brand. Price, build quality, etc. etc., but one of the things that is perhaps most often overlooked in the laptop purchase is the customer service and tech support lines.

What is the experience like when you have a problem with your laptop? Can you contact them from the road, and how punctual are they about getting it back to you.

All of these questions are extremely important, but often times overlooked in the laptop purchase.

Laptop Magazine has posted its second annual tech support showdown comparing all of the major manufacturers from Sony to Apple. The magazine ranks the warranty, the tech support and more.

So head on over there and read up and find out where your laptop brand stacks up, or read up on what to look for in your next laptop purchase.

via Engadget.com

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