Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer NAMM 2007: Roland SP-555

.:Roland SP-555:.

Summer NAMM is upon us, and with that comes some new gear. From all the reports that I have read online thus far it appears to be a real lackluster show except for one very interesting piece of kit coming out of Roland.

Roland has announced the SP-555 sampler, based off of the SP-404. The new sampler comes with 16 velocity sensitive pads, 37 effects algorithms from the Fantom, and a new Loop Capture feature.

The new LOOP CAPTURE function allows users to sample live audio from the 555’s inputs, (you can also play loops from the pads of course), with real-time effects tweaks. Hasn't this always been a feature? Wow, welcome to 1997 Roland.

Internal memory includes up to 6 minutes of stereo sampling, but is expandable with a 2GB compact flash card that can be accessed on the fly for up to 12 hours of sampling. Doesn't it seem like 2GB should be standard in these machines now?

Despite some of my minor quips, the new SP-555 does appear to be a fairly solid sampler. No news on release date or price as of yet, but this may be one to keep an eye out for livePA artists.

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