Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Electronic Music Production Communities

This is just a post out to the reader base. Does anyone have any good recommendations for some electronic music communities? As I have mentioned previous on the blog here I am in a sort of funk phase of production at the moment and that may partly be due to the fact that my participation level with other artists online and offline has really fallen off in the past couple of years. This has been doubled by the fact that the two most popular forums that I visited (Samplecity.net and Serious-Sounds.net) are either now gone or not really active anymore.

Now I have made my rounds to the usual suspects: Future-Producers, IDMForums, EM411, Garageband, Sectionz. I am just not getting all that much of a good vibe from any of them. They either come off as too large and too full of wankers spamming their links and never posting real discussions, or as overly pretentious focusing too much on one particular style of music or concept of production. Sectionz for example seems full of FL Studio users who have the same animated attitude towards software as MS and Apple fanboys do to their computer.

So I am sort of on the hunt to look for a good artist community to bounce ideas off of, see what is happening in the latest circles and so forth. There is of course the LivePA.org forums and I am not forgetting those, but I think I am looking for a general user community to just listen to other's music on and may be avoid the pretentiousness, wankery, posturing and so forth that I see on so many other sites.

May be on a side note if no one has any suggestions what sort of stuff would you like to see in a music community for fellow artists?


Tom Cosm said...


I recently got told about this site http://www.cuttingsounds.com/ .. It's quite new but I think it has huge potential, I will def be getting more involved with it over the next few months.

Anonymous said...


all have forums with interesting discussions and production techniques

eXp said...

kvraudio.com, is a must.

M.A.S. said...

I am a member at KVR. However I find their forums rather overwhelming with the plethora of forums they have there.

Anonymous said...




are both must be in forums for edm fans and artists.