Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upgrade Your Old Sampler with SCSI to Compact Flash







Upgrade  your Old Sampler with SCSI to Compact Flash

Do you have an old sampler that is beginning to collect a little dust because it doesn't have the sample memory that you need these days? Well for about $100 you can pick up the MCDisk-2 media card drive. It allows you to replace your old SCSI memory with Compact Flash cards to boost your memory up to 16GB. The unit comes as an external unit, but can be mounted inside many of the samplers listed.

  • Korg Triton Classic, Triton Studio, Triton LE, Triton Rack, Triton Pro
  • Akai MPC60, MPC60 II, MPC2000, MPC2000XL, MPC3000 (requires the Vailixi 3.50 OS), S1000, S1100, S2000, S2800, S3000, CD3000, S3200, S3200XL, MPC4000,  S5000, S6000, Z4/Z8
  • Yamaha Motif 6, Motif 7, Motif 8, RS7000, PSR9000, EX5, EX7
  • Ensoniq EPS, EPS 16+, ASR-10, ASR-88
  • EMU Emax SE/HD, ESI-32, ESI-2000, ESI-4000, E4k, E5000, E6400, E64, EIII, EIIIxp, EIV, E4XT Ultra, E-Synth
  • Roland XV-5080, S760, S770
  • Kurzweil K2000, K2000VP, K2vx, K2vxS, K2000R, K2000RS, K2500X, K2500XS, K2500S, K2500R, K2500RS, K2600X, K2600XS, K2600S, K2600R, K2600RS, K2661

    I personally love the concept, but I am curious as to how far your mileage will go. From my understanding many of these old hardware samplers have memory limitations built into their firmware.



    Anonymous said...

    Exactly....I have a K2600xs and it only recognizes drives in 2GB partitions. The up side though is that many of these drives are PCMCIA and you can use an SD or CF adapter along with 2 GB cards.

    Anonymous said...

    this is a fat16 limitation

    fat16 is limited to 2 x 2GB partitions

    thus using anything 2GB or lower will be fine =)