Monday, September 22, 2008

Stanton DaScratch Touch Sensitive DJ Pad

stanton SCS3D


Looks like Stanton is offering up a new, interesting DJ controller to the mix. Above is the new Stanton SCS.3D Touch Pad. There is definitely some interesting design elements here with the USB cord being touched underneath the device. Admittingly it does look a little cheap though. 

Even after watching the video though I am slightly confused as to what this device is. Is it supposed to be replacing the  turntables or the mixer? Maybe I am just stuck in my old ways in thinking that a mixer style interface is even needed for software. All in all though this looks like an interesting approach to software DJ mixing, but I am curious if the touch interface (all the fad these days) is really any more intuitive or useful than traditional knobs and sliders.

Price comes in at an affordable $300 and features "plug and play" capability for all of the major DJ software out there, including Ableton Live.


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Palm-Sounds said...

Sometimes I wonder if dedicated hardware is better than generic running software, or the other way around. I guess I think that it might be better to have Stanton make a really good DJ controller app for the iTouch rather than a bespoke piece of hardware.

I could be wrong though.