Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jazzmutant Lemur Releases v2.0 Firmware on October 3rd

Jazzmutant Lemur Releases v2.0 Firmware on October 3rd

Everyone's favorite touch screen interface that no one can afford has just released updated firmware. The full list is below. New features, enhanced junk. Any Lemur users out there? I have always loved this thing, but it seems like it is just one step away from being the ideal touch screen interface. 

  • Breakpoint object – Offers total control of synthesizer or sampler envelopes with a multi-segment envelope editor to allow you to really get inside a sound, live on stage!
  • Gesture object – This emulates a trackpad control with advanced gesture recognition and has three novel ways to interact with your sound.
  • Alias – Now you can easily produce a copy or alias of a controller object that sends exactly the same information to your computer.
  • Tabbed Container – Containers are virtual panels that contain a selection of controls.
  • Mouse and keyboard control – Now Lemur's objects can be used to remotely control the mouse cursor or computer keyboard.
  • Workflow improvements – Setting up your custom performance interface is a breeze with the improved and new-look Jazzeditor.
  • Extended scripting abilities – You can now modify the physical behavior, appearance or size of an object in real time.



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