Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Deadact.com: Embarassing Electronic Artists Who Fake It


I think I may have just found our Doppelganger site. DeadAct is an online blog geared solely at showcasing electronic LivePA acts who blatantly fake their liveset. Love the idea, name and concept

“DeadAct.com is an online archive of videos found in the public domain that show electronic performers blatantly faking their "live set". To qualify as a Dead Act, the performer must have pre set out their performance in such a way that if they were to drop dead, the set would keep playing on as normal. Bonus points for fake knob tweaking, failed attempts to play real instruments , and good orgasm faces. ....Do they think we're stupid?”


wonder boy said...

i been wondering who does this, it looks so obvious sometimes. click...pose...click...pose

wonder boy said...

i stumbled you