Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NAMM 2009: Rumor - Motu Getting into the Groovebox Business with BPM?



Update: The announcement is out and it appears that this is just a software drum machine. Gotta say I am pretty disappointed. What is the market for something like this these days when you have everything from Ableton Live to FL Studio that can do this built in? The interface doesn’t seem conductive for software IMO.

I have more news trickling in here about some additional groovebox “MPC Killers” . Yesterday I posted about the Beat Thang which looked cool in and of itself.  Today though I have word of an an even cooler piece of kit being developed by Motu called the BPM.

All I have is a blurry scan but from the image above here are the specs that I could discern.

  • Drum machine style operation with VST support
  • Run as a tempo synced plug-in with your favorite DAW
  • Live Midi Recording
  • Unlimited Sample layers
  • Built in drum synthesizer
  • Drag and drop sequence capabilities in song mode
  • 15+ GB of sounds built in
  • “Deep” Synthesis engine
  • 4 Pad banks with full kit capabilities and 2 racks
  • Complete internal mixer with effects
  • SP Mode which emulates the SP1200.

Nothing on pricing or details, but again something impressive coming out of the site. The built in LCD screen on this thing (if real) looks amazing and equivalent to the waveform and sample editing screens one would see in your computer software.


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