Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teenage Engineering: OP-1 Synthesizer & Controller



Teenage Engineering Operator 1

I love the resurgence of boutique synths manufacturers that we seem to be having right now. With all the advancements in software there is still interesting hardware coming out. Coming through the pipes today I saw that there is a new company called Teenage Engineering (awesome name btw) that is developing a great looking synth/midi controller call ed the OP-1.

It has your standard midi controller options, but what is interesting is some of the standalone features. It has 8 synthesizer models, 8 samplers and effects built into an extremely tiny package. It also has a full color OLED display with some very unique UI chhoices.


  • 3.5mm input for audio/external microphone
  • 3.5mm output for line out /headphones
  • 3-pole power-connector for charging the internal battery or for use with power adaptor.
  • The power connector itself is the same as used in robotic automation applications
  • USB 2.0 port for hooking up your OP to your computer transferring your recorded music
  • Two holes special machined for carry strap
  • Turn the machine upside-down there are two M6 holes for use with our Studio System parts.

The retro simplistic design ala  the Casio VL-1 looks great as well. Actually it sort of looks like an Ableton Live instrument brought to life.

A release date and price is not yet announce as the machine is still being developed, but Teenage Engineering is expected to produce an initially 100 units for Beta testing. You can sign up for more information at their website to try to get on the Beta list.


Electric Cylinder said...

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Ambient Guy said...

I guess you can use it to control soft synths? if so it seems to be a better proposition than the Korg Nano collection because it is a single device and it also generates its own sound.

Very cool for mobile composition :0)

Ambient Guy
Electronic Music Library.

Champs said...

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