Sunday, August 27, 2006

Korg Pad Kontrol: Yet Another Finger Pad Controller

.:Korg Pad Kontrol:.

Adding another piece of hardware into the finger pad fire, Korg has stepped up to the plate to offer the Korg Pad Kontrol. Korg Pad Kontrol is very similar to its counterparts from M-audio and Akai, except it also offers a nice X/Y control surface which can be used to add everything from drum rolls to flanges to the mix.

Features include:
16 velocity-sensitive Trigger pads with LED illumination
X-Y pad

Two assignable knobs
Assignable pedal jack*
7-segment, 3-digit LED Display

At ~$200, the price is about the same you pay for the M-audio Trigger Finger, and slightly more then what the Akai MPD 16 is going for. Ultimately, in the end which piece to go for probably depends on what you want out of your trigger pad, but Korg sure seems to have a nice product coming out that adds some unqiue features that the other products do not have.

Be sure to check out all thre products for a full list of what might be best for you.

.:M-Audio Trigger Finger:.

Akai MPD16


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