Monday, May 07, 2007

Added a little Blogroll

Well the flash player for the podcast seemed to have stopped working and was no longer updating. Was anyone really using it anyways?

I decided to replace it and in its place put a blogroll of some of the music production related blogs that the staff here visits frequently. Hope everyone finds these as interesting as I do, and if you have some new ones, send them our way. I have to admit, I am quite the blog addict.


Anonymous said...

Well I only just realised the other day that if I scrolled down to the bottom and looked in the corner there was a player there... Maybe no-one was using it cause it was hidden :)

Just while you're talking about your site design, there's a glitch in the comments system. If I click the link to make a comment, it seems to think it's in a popup, when it's not. For example, the URL of the page I'm typing into rigt now is

Note the &isPopup=true at the end... That's a glitch... And it's quite a PITA, as you can't see the original article, and you can't return to it afterwards. It'd be great if you could fix that! :)

M.A.S. said...

Hmm, interesting. I do have the comment window setup to open as a new window. Is it simply opening as a new tab on your system?

I will look into it however to see if there are any problems.