Saturday, May 12, 2007

Getting Started with DIY Synthesis

.:Getting Started with DIY Synthesis:.

A new forum has opened up over at the Board that is going to cover topics related to DIY and self built gear. To kick things off selfdestroyer has posted a nice thread that outlines a bunch of great resources to get started with DIY. Topics range from where to find your first parts, to how to learn how to solder. For anyone looking to getting involved in some DIY or circuit-bending, this is a great first step to find out what is out there.


Anonymous said...

That's really cool.

I went and joined up, others doing so should be aware that their password is sent in plain text via email on joining, so don't use a password you don't want made public. If the admin reads this, you really should turn that off...

PS, the comments page is still misbehaving...

Anonymous said...

Sorry MAS, I just saw your reply:

"Hmm, interesting. I do have the comment window setup to open as a new window. Is it simply opening as a new tab on your system?"

It opens in the current tab, gets rid of the post that you made and replaces it with the comments screen, but the comments screen does seem to be configured as though it -should- be a popup... I had a look at the HTML on the post, and there does not seem to be a target set for the comment link (I would expect it to be _blank?).

Sorry ... I hope it's an easy fix and not too much hassle for you.