Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Micro Laptop Roundup

Well it looks like we are out of the convention season and from that we have seen quite the round of micro-laptops coming out from different manufacturers.  Everything from the Asus eeePC to the OLPC it looks like micro-laptops are here to stay, and for the better I say.  Since we have there seems to be quite a few of these little laptops coming out on the market I think it might bet worthwhile to perhaps provide everyone with an overview of the features and specs between the laptops.  I have whipped up a little chart above comparing some of the features for each of the laptops. Some have better values over others, but overall I think they all have a unique perspective that they could bring to the table for Live artists.

As I have mentioned before, you are probably not going to be running Ableton Live on this platform, but some other software such as music programming languages, trackers or midi software might be perfect for them and since I am mentioning it I think I might as well list some of the software out there that I think could be useful for for performing or general music production

Music Programming Languages
Pure Data

Jeskola Buzz
Modplug Tracker
Goattracker (8-bit Emulator)
Raster Music Tracker (8-bit Emulator)

Midi Software
IXI Software
[ttrk] TekTracker

Well that is just a small taste of some of the software I think these machines might be useful for. I am sure all of the readers could come up with much more creative ideas themselves and I am sure you are all aware of software I have never heard of.

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