Monday, February 18, 2008

Tupperware DIY Synths


These are absolutely great. There are plenty of people out there who are DIY'ers for synths. Some may do something as simple as a PAIA kit, but others get as deep as doing it all yourself. ADACHI Tomomi, a composer and self-proclaimed DIY'er has these brilliant little DIY synths that he has made, using tupperware as the casing for the devices. Beautiful? No. Practical and Cheap? Yes!!!!

ADACHI's self-made instruments are consists of simple electronic circuit, almost case built in tupperware. They never can make precise pitch, but have good sound and noise, easy to operate and carry and worked by battery. Of course the funny and pretty looks are important aspects. In this page, you can see the images from them (more sound files come soon...)

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iservepharmacy said...

I didn't know about his work at all, but as soon as you read his biography you get surprised by his wide list of specializations and profession: composer, performer, sound poet, installation artist, occasional theater director, philosopher....
Simply amazing character!!!
Besides, I find amazing that he creates his own instruments; who is this guy... some kind of modern Da Vinci?