Sunday, March 02, 2008

SP-404 Studio Jam

Sampling has never been one of the arts that I have been able to master and unfortunately it has never found a place really in my gear set at all. I am constantly on the look out for a sampler to somehow incorporate into my gear and normally everyone's suggestions for the live artist gravitate towards the MPC series or the Korgs ESX-1. All that being said I have on several occasions looked at the SP-404 from Roland as another alternative and I think it is unfortunately overlooked in many circles. . In the video above we have drewzle showing a nice little off kilter usage of the 404 and it gets me thinking again about this oft under looked groove sampler.


felix said...

Yeah the 303 and the 404 are both under appreciated.

I used to have an MPC 1000 and the 404 (which I borrowed from a friend) was a lot more fun to use. It lacked many of the sample copy/move and beat/sequence editing/saving that the MPC had...but it was a lot nice in terms of getting something sampled and playable quickly.

There are some producers (like Madlib) that have done entire albums with just a few records and a 303.

Oh yeah, and the 404 operates on batteries (for an impressive amount of time) and has a built in microphone!

Jeez, I want to buy one right now.

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing my video, and giving the humble SP some attention :)

it is definitely a great live tool - the effects are heaps of fun, the CF card allows HUGE amounts of audio storage, and the pads are great for directly accessing your sounds/loops.

keep up the good work!