Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tom COSM Liveset from New Years Eve 2007

.:Tom COSM Liveset from New Years Eve 2007:.

We have another liveset from a regular here on the LivePA blog. COSM. This set is recorded from his New Year's Eve gig down in New Zealand at the Cannan Downs Festival.

COSM Quote:

The event was called Cannan Downs Festival ( ), a party held in a very famous NZ party spot. The site was the first outdoor festival I went to when I was younger (getting blown away/inspired by the likes of Pitch Black), and I always told myself one day I would play the countdown set.. so it was a real special treat for me.

The set is big outdoor proggy trance/house, moving into more minimally technoey electro stuff.. most of it is quite new.

As usually be sure to check out all of COSM's stuff over at his website.

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Unknown said...

well, I was there to hear this on the sandstone real time...just about as high as you can get without leaving the gravitational field..... arrived in that field like a space did the dream...fantastic!
(Your Main Divide set and the Epsilon Blue remix...very lovely.) If any one reads this, and if you ever get the chance to see Tom COSM...drop what yur doing and go have an experience.
Thanks TOM COSM!