Monday, April 28, 2008

Hifana: Fresh Push Breakin'

The incomparable breakbeat duo Hifana, proving that livePA-style performance isn't just for nerdy obscure basement producers like myself.

Over the past few years the waves they have created have spread beyond the borders of their native Japan, rippling across the world and gaining strength as they go. Their genre-bending mix of live percussion, crisp sampler-driven breakbeats, and turntablism incorporate everything from robot voices to traditional Japanese music, creating a blend that is exotic while still danceworthy, approachable and groovy enough for a casual listener while clever and complex enough for more discerning audiences. While the video is a professionally produced music video rather than a recording of a live performance, the reason I posted it here is to show that the art of livePA is slowly but surely working its way into the public mindset and gaining mass appeal. Bonus points go to anyone who can tell me what the electronic hand drum instrument is called.


cycle60 said...

i love the 'fresh push breakin' voice. kudos for creative use of the mac's VoiceOver function.

the percusion unit looks like a Roland Handsonic.

decrepitude said...

It is indeed a Handsonic.


Anonymous said...

needs more cowbell! I gotta have more cowbell!