Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Wow, I guess it has been quite a while since I have posted on the blog. A couple of people have sent me emails and PM's asking what is up. Basically not much is up. I am sort of taking an informal sabbatical you could say, but fear not. I have no intentions of throwing in the towel or anything like that. I think I am sort of just taking a month or so off for the moment to let my brain rest and recharge. The months after NAMM and Musikmesse are sort of down times anyways (not to mention Messe was boring this year), I figure I might just take some time to be a little hands off from music. You should see me on the blog in the next couple of weeks though, and I have to say that Digital Giest and J. Wells have done a nice job of picking up my slack as of late.

Now with respect to my own music creation I think I am also going to take 2008 off for music writing as a sort of year to acquire some new music equipment, fiddle with my gear setup and music concepts. I think I want to sort of finalize how I want to setup my studio before really writing anything new because I don't want to get into a project and then add new gear half way through it. I am also looking at picking up one of the Micro-Laptops with the use of Milkytracker or perhaps Nanoloop to experiment on some side projects. Be sure look to see some reviews on how that works out if I pick those up.

I definitely am going to pick the blog back up though in a couple of weeks or so. So just hold on a little while.

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