Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arduinome: Arduino Based Monome Clone

Arduinome Nerdscroll Demonstration from BricK Table on Vimeo.

Wow, it has been a few weeks since the last post hasn't it. Well hopefully I will get things kicked back into gear here with some new posts.

Everyone loves the Monome right? The 64x64 grid based wonder controller that can be used on everything from sequencing to drum triggers. Will it looks like there is a great DIY project out there to clone the Monome appropriately called the Arduinome. One of the prime advantages of this new DIY approach is that it is built upon the Arduino patch board, which allows the device to have an almost unlimited expandability approach. That is not to mention that it is dirt cheap as well.

Full details on the project can be found over at their WordPress blog: Bricktable


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Julien Bayle said...

[bon]ome is a collaborative project based on the popular monome and inspired by those genius folks from arduinome project (Jordan/Owen/Ben!)

it involves this hardware:
1 arduino board
8x8 RGB leds matrix soldered on sparkfun PCB 4x4 (x4)
1 sparkfun backpack with SPI interface

there are 2 parts:
- firmware for the Arduino board
- serial/osc router

actually, the serial router works fine and is coded with Python-Twisted framework (thanks a lot Devon!)

I'm working on the C++ based version that begins to wokr fine... I have to tweak that.
I'd like to code a java (via processing IDE) and compare performance

The link on my site is:
I'm waiting for the approval for my account/project on sourceforge
All will be on asap !!

All the best,