Thursday, July 10, 2008

Aurora: Open Source/DIY Midi Controller

aurora Open Source DJ Mixer\MIDI Hardware w/ Ableton Live from mcubed on Vimeo

Now here is something that is hot. The Auroroa Mixer is an open source build it yourself DJ mixer/midi controller that is absolutely beautiful. The device is developed by three individuals who each had a hand in designing the firmware, design and electronics.


Aurora is a usb powered multichannel mixer in a typical dj form factor. the device features two linear channel faders, a single a/b crossfader and eight backlit buttons. twenty four backlit knobs allow you to control effects. aurora, unlike most midi controllers, enhances performances with controllable ambient lighting. aurora easily integrates with your favorite midi compatible software.

I hope all of your Ableton live guys out there are getting ready for this thing because it could really change everything we are doing for control surfaces. It has the M-audio design flair and I would not be surprised if we see a manufacturer pick this thing up. I also can't wait until the DIY'ers get a hold of this and start making hacks and all sorts of tweaks. I am looking for the full 64 knob version coming soon.



fireballgames said...

Very cool
I built one as well
check it out:

Victor Wetherbee said...

Absolutely beautiful! With enough knobs and faders in that small package, you could easily create mixes on the fly! But the one thing that amazed me the most is the amount of control for the lighting it allows the user.