Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cubase 4


So I haven't had much time to screw around with it (because I had to go through some aggravating copy protection/license updating so that I can continue to use Cubase SX3 AND Cubase 4), but here's my initial analysis of the latest version of Cubase 4: I like it. I'll warm up to it over time, and when I finally do get that faster computer I'll probably be in love with it. The GUI itself is SOOOOOOOOO much better.

There's one glaring bug, and that's the dreaded preset crash: Load up a 3rd party VSTi, and click where the preset bank should be. It crashes Cubase 4. :o( So long as you can navigate to it without that option, you're OK. Otherwise, your VSTi is garbage now (at least until this is fixed/worked around). I tried this with Absynth 3 and it crashed C4. However normal loading in both that and the Virus Control plugin worked fine through the usual GUI.

One really great thing that's been touted about C4 is the revision of the EQ system. And holy shit did they overhaul it. It actually looks like (and after my brief test, sounds like) a REAL EQ this time around. For starters there's the 10-band EQ, and then the more impressive 30-band EQ.

But after that, there's what looks like an even more impressive, in-depth EQ module with TONS of presets for beginners and versatility for the experienced studio pro.

Moving on from that, there's the new included softsynth - Halion One. It's a sample-based instrument but it comes with LOADS of presets as well and they seem to sound on par with any other. Anybody with Kontakt would probably use that instead...

Other instruments included are Mystic (a kind of crappy general-purpose synth, nothing new here), Prologue (a MUCH better sounding synth) and Spector (kind of an Absynth wannabe...though there are very cool sounds), which all seem really promising....and if they stink, at least they look damn cool...

And finally there's obvious revisions to the mixer and even my old favorite, the VSTDynamics plugin. Little things like a new GUI work for me...but what makes the VSTDynamics appealing is FINALLY THE SIDECHAINING OPTION.

But that doesn't mean that I'm totally sold on it yet, even after paying for the upgrade (it's only been about 6 hours of tinkering!). My final judgement comes when I use this monster on a high-end system later this year....

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M.A.S. said...

I have to say the interface looks pretty good. I was never a Cubase user myself, but the new Cubase seems to have struck a nice middle ground between minimalism and fancy GUI.