Thursday, October 26, 2006

Live demo recording!

+ Economicon 3:16 +

This is a recording of me busting out a live track in one single go-- literally just press record and let it fly, without prettying it up in Ableton later like a shivering wuss. It came after a long day of testing out my newest piece of gear, a Korg Electribe ER-1mkII. The new Electribe is the instrument responsible for all the weird bleeping noises, and a large part of the percussion. This track also features an Electribe ES-1, the enduring Juno 106 (feel the basssss), a Roland V-series mixer (w/FX), and a Yamaha RM1x. The Electibe ES--1 is threaded through the ER-1MKII's 'audio in', and the RM1X is, of course, the live sequencer. The original patterns were all sequenced on an Atari 1040 computer using Notator SL midi software. Audio recorded/encoded using Cubase SX.

In terms of style it's something chitinous and insectile like Autechre picking at the scabs of a grimy kind of drum-n-bass; minimalism vs. the merciless urban scream. It's not meant to be anything like a song, just me road testing some interesting gear. Also, nobody really needs to critique the structure or the mixing , I'm aware that both are bit weird.


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