Thursday, October 05, 2006

Google Earth Maps for Burning Man-LifeHacker

.:Google Earth maps Burning Man - Lifehacker:.

While this isn't livePA news per-se it is pretty darn cool, and there are a ton of LivePA artists at this festival.

A dedicated person out there decided to map out all of the events from this past year's Burning Man Festival. The overall effect is pretty cool and I hope that it continues for future Burning man evens with more people contributing to the file with photos and information. It would be really wild to have this mapped out live to see where things are happening, but I bet the desert doesn't have very good wifi access.

For those of you not in the know, Burning Man is a large art and culture festival that is held every year in the salt flats of Black Rock City Nevada. Think of it sort of like Woodstock for the cyberpunk, modern hippie, techno culture. Every year artists, patrons, musicians and whoevers come from around the globe to hang out and do some crazy insane shit. Dust gets on everything and it is an amazing time (or so I hear). Check out the .:Burning Man Homepage:. for more information.

UPDATE: Added a descrption as to what Burning Man is.


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