Monday, November 20, 2006

Absolutely Essential

Is it really essential that you "GET SIGNED" by a label?

Personally I don't think so. Let's face it, we live in the age of individual empowerment. The old adage is coming true where we're all getting our 15 minutes (C'mon, make a funny video and post to YouTube and you'll blow up like crazy). Some guy with a camera phone can have his clip be more popular than something made with a budget 10000000x higher than that (especially if it's a tazer video, man those things are hilarious)!

Think of the plusses and minuses of getting signed. They'll help a great deal with contacts and promotion, but also take a huge cut of any money brought in through sales (last offer I was made was 8% of 90% of sales, which is actually pretty good, however we just couldn't work out the details so negotiations stalled). A decent deal will probably get you around $1-1.50 per CD sold (at about $15-20 per CD). Meanwhile if you do it yourself you set the price wherever you want it and anything after the pressing cost is in your pocket directly. Also a lot of getting signed is compromising. You won't be their only act, probably not even top 10 on their list of acts to promote unless you're really well established.

What is for sure though, is that if you decide to do it independently you'll need to be serious about promoting yourself and give yourself the best opportunities you can. I'd seriously and strongly suggest you get The Indie Bible. It is hands-down the best book out there full of contacts that are willing to deal with independent artists, from radio stations to webcasts to magazine reviewers to websites that host music, etc etc etc.

Whether you decide to go with a hunt for a label to fit with you and your project, or do everything independently, be realistic about your goals with your music project. Set a plan up for yourself with goals! Find ways to attain those goals. It's the best way to work - setting daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and five-year goals is the best way to run your hobby/project like an honest business.

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