Friday, November 10, 2006

Something to Think About

To buy or not to buy? With a studio-grade workstation computer, you might notice that prices of duo- and quadcore processor computers are dropping recently. Well, not for Macs, but Windows PC users might have noticed. If you are like me, you've had your eyes them.... I've planned on upgrading to a Mac Pro over the last few months. Well news has been coming out that a new Octocore processor will soon be available for Apple's Mac Pro line. Click here for an article. Right now, for producing music, a decent quadcore processor with around 2gb of RAM should be sufficient for most situations. If you really want to turn it into a workhorse, 4GB will make your machine unstoppable.

I'm a Cubase user, and over on their forums I came across a great conversation regarding the max amount of RAM that an application can access. That's something to think about as well when considering the expense of high-end workstations. Unless you do serious video/rendering work, getting an insane amount of RAM won't really impact performance....but of course, how many of us can really afford to have too much RAM?

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