Friday, November 10, 2006

Cheap Plug

Digital Geist Online

I'm taking a moment to plug myself here, this album has been not only a huge investment of time, work and money but also the culmination of over a year's worth of work. For $10, you really can't beat it.

Digital Geist - The Zero Engine
Samples of the music on
$10US, shipping included.
First 50 orders receive a free bumper sticker!

1. Earworm (No Light Guides Us)
2. Phase I
3. Phase II
4. Someone Like Me
5. Mutually Assured Distortion
6. Red Techno
7. Circuit Crusher
8. Keep the Faith (featuring Christian K of Dharma Lab)
9. Segway
10. Someone Like Me (Front 242 Remix)
11. Red Techno (Neotek Remix)
12. Circuit Crusher (Timid Remix)

Also included in the CD is a link to a stockpile of extras including another Front 242 remix, unreleased tracks, rarities and more!

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