Saturday, December 16, 2006

LivePA Blog is now Podcasting!!!!!

Well the LivePA blog nows has a podcast feed for all of the good and tasty media that we link to on the site. The podcast feed will feature all of the media including the livesets we link to, the recent .PDF files and more, so if your looking to get all of the latest liveset mp3's on your mp3 player then this is a link that you will most surely want to sign up for.

The following is the link to the feed:

I am currently updating the site to include this fee link on iTunes as well as to other podcast directories. If you just cannot wait to get it into iTunes then follow these steps to add it to your podcast directory.

Goto "Advanced" and then selected "Subscribe to Podcast..." and then just past the above feed link and your done!!!!!

I am in the process of also developing a once a month show where I will talk about all things livePA to accompany the various livesets and so forth that we post.

If anyone has any ideas for topics, or even what to call the show please let me know in the comments section.

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