Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Petertools Liveset 1.5

.:Petertools Liveset:.

Petertools Liveset is a collection of midi tools and software interfaces that are designed to allow the user realtime and live control over Propellerhead's Reason for live performances.

If you are a Reason user looking to take your software live then Liveset might be a great tool to help you get there.

LiveSet is a powerful and versatile realtime MIDI processor explicitly developed to enhance live performances. It provides the capabilities to control every detail of your live session, making it easier to setup and perform.
LiveSet processes MIDI signals coming form your on-stage gear, such as Master Keyboards or MIDI Control Surfaces, and route them to a ReWire-enabled software as well as external MIDI devices.

Framework features

• Virtually unlimited rack
• Resizable rack window
• User friendly connection cables
• Modules presets management
• Customizable Transport Bar with big display

MIDI features

• 2 independend MIDI inputs
• Selective MIDI Thru
• 2 independend transformation busses
• Key splitting with an up to single-key resolution
• MIDI Learn functionality for keys and controllers

Audio features

• ASIO 2.0 support
• Up to 32 audio channels
• Support for 32 to 96KHz
• Internal 32 bit processing


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