Wednesday, August 29, 2007

COSM Live at Evolve New Zealand

.:COSM Live at Evolve New Zealand:.

This week's liveset comes from an artist that has been featured on the blog before. COSM brings another great set back this week with a performance from the Evolve festival of New Zealand.


I've uploaded my electro/breaks set from a few weekends ago at a nightclub party called Evolve for anyone who is keen. I played in a second zone from the main zone, which was blasting trance all night and had Kyau and Albert as the headliners. The second zone was dead. Completley dead.. so I began experimenting hard.. and to my absolute joy it packed out within 5 minutes of me starting. Very bad soundsystem, but enough for punters to go hard on. I pluged my gear into the pioneer 600 line in, moved all the decks and cdjs back and jumped around like a real idiot. It was sponsored event by a mainstream radio station, so i played to quite a few characters who I have never seen in our scene before.. lots of mainstream people (who loved the boom shake the room remix) Hope ya like it. Some of you may recognise a lot from my fetish ball set.
Cheers, and remember to spread this as much as you feel like it helps me a lot.

Bea sure toe check out more of COSM's stuff at his website


MPC2000xl said...

the link does not work...

M.A.S. said...

Ahh. There appears to be some extra html stuff at the end of the link that got in there somehow.

I will udpate it this evening.