Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Anyone Using FLstudio Live Mode?

FLStudio 7 had the release of a new Live Mode. The feature however has gone relatively under the radar for just about everyone. Most FLstudio users that I have talked to are not even aware of the feature. Is there a great live environment lurking out there that we just aren't utilizing?

So has anyone out there explored FLstudio's live mode at all? Anyone care to share some details on it? Here is the best information I could find on it.

6. Live Mode
Turns on/off the live mode feature of the Playlist. In live mode, you can see an on/off switch next to the name of each pattern track (8), enabling you to quickly turn a playing pattern on and off without drawing a fixed sequence with bars. As the name suggests, this feature is useful primarily for live performances and for testing various Playlist arrangements 'on the fly'.

You can also control the on/off switches and jumping to time markers using the keys on your MIDI keyboard (see MIDI Settings).

Note: In Live Mode the song marker will only jump to the next bar/time marker when the playing bar is finished, in order to keeping the timing intact. This differs from standard mode in which the jump is immediate


David said...

The Image-line team seem to have created a good feature, but then for some reason stopped short of making it great.

Almost everything you can slide, twist, or wobble in FL Studio, You can link to an external midi controller with 1 click. The exception to this rule, apparently, Is the queueing of Live mode patterns.

It's vaguely possible, if you dedicate an entire separate midi keyboard to it, but the options are far from intuitive.

For me, this kills FL Studio as a possible live music application. No one wants to point and click a screen during a live performance. It's all about midi control and automation, and Image-line have dropped the ball.

If anyone knows a work-around, I'd love to hear it.

Deadstar said...
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