Friday, August 17, 2007

Results of the 1st LivePA Poll: What do you use for your LivePA?

Well the results are in on the first poll. Man, I gotta say I was expecting more of you out there to respond. Only 20 votes? Now we are by no means a huge traffic site, if anything we are about as niche as you can get, but we are getting well of 100 hits a day on the low end.

Perhaps I was just naive to think that many readers were actually performing live.

Besides all that though, the results came up to be pretty interesting. I was not expecting so many people to be using hardware only these days. It also looks like our strongest group also then swayed to the Mac+Gear camp. That sure debunks my impression of most LivePA artists rocking out on a Dell with Ableton Live.

So anyone have any suggestions for another poll?

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J. Wells said...

You have to consider all the new Intel-powered Macs out there; a lot of people have 'em, me included. So you can use a Mac AND Ableton. What is the world coming to?

I voted.