Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ableton 7 Released!!!!

.:Ableton Live 7 Released:.

Looks like Ableton after a very short BETA run of the new Ableton Live software has released version 7.0 to the masses. As part of this new 7.0 release Ableton has gone the route of so many other DAW manufacturers these days and has "created" a suite with the release of its software.

As part of this suite comes six new instruments including an electric piano, a VA synth, a string modeling synthesizer, and a couple of drum synths.

The price for Ableton 7 is still at $499 US and the suite package comes in at $799. For those people who have purchased version 6 since October of this year, you are eligible for a free upgrade. There are also several upgrade paths available for all of the Ableton Live users regardless of your version with prices starting at $119. For more information head on over to the Ableton website.

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