Friday, December 21, 2007

What is Your Lust Worthy Gear for Christmas?

Well Christmas is fast approaching upon us here. we all have our wishlists, gear lusts and wants. Sure there is something on there that you may be getting, but lets face it. Not many of our friends or spouses can afford to drop $1,000 or more on a gift. That still leaves us with your lusty gear lists of wants that we may or may not get. So do you have a gear list that you are just wishing for? Lets hear it in the comment section if you got one.

Here is mine.
Jomox Xbase 999
Elektron Machine Drum
Elektron Monomachine
Korg Kaossilator
Korg Mini-KP
EMU Roms (Darn these things are expensive these days)
Korg ESX1
Haken Audio Continuum
Nord Modular
Novation K-Station (I Still want one of these)

Anyone have $15,000?


J. Wells said...

What I really want:
Allen&Heath Xone 3d mixer
Sherman filterbank
Elektron SIDstation
Futureretro Revolution synth

What I'll probably get:

Anonymous said...


i want a real studio monitor and some more creativity

J. Wells said...

If you need a recommendation on a set of low cost studio monitors, try a pair of Event TR6 ref. monitors. They sound surprisingly out of their $450/pair price range. If you can scrape that together, you'll be all set. :-)

Anonymous said...

i think they would be out of my price range for now.... one day i will get one pair.. and i will be happy!!!

Anonymous said...

That's the spirit, man.

Anonymous said...

yup!!! i agree...