Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jomox Quietly Announces the XBase 888

.:Jomox Quietly Announces the XBase 888:.

UPDATE: Wow, anyone notice the image on this post that I linked to over at Jomox just went from rendered to actual photo of the device?

Now here is one that has quietly slipped under the radar and I only found out about due to some browsing over at Jomox has quietly announced the XBase 888, a new 808 styled drummachine.

So what is this fun new little drummachine? Well Apparently it is built off of the XBase 999 engine, but is designed to be slightly more affordable than the 999 by eliminating some features such as the X Filter. The sounds are also more smooth leaning towards that of the 808. That being said the Jomox website is very clear that this is not an 808 clone.

Additional features include 9 Instruments: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Lo Tom, Hi Tom, Hi Hat, Clap, Rim, Crash and Ride. All are polyphonic (Awesome!!) and have individual outs.

Here are some more specs.
- 9 instruments
- Analog kick, toms, snare
- 5 sample based instruments with analog VCA envelope
- 31 samples per instrument
- Own samples can be uploaded by the Jomox Editor
- LCD Display 2x 24 Characters
- 10.5V 2A ~AC external power supply
- Metal steel enclosure
- Wooden end cheeks
- Weight 5kg

Hmm......Man I would love me some Jomox and with the Machinedrum also getting some update loving I sure wish I have about $3,000 to drop on some gear right now.

The Jomox 888 will be available in January for $1,500.

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