Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spooloops Live Novemeber 2006

.:Spooloops Live Novemeber 2006:.

This week's liveset is from artist Spooloops. He posted this over at the LivePA forums I believe. Below is the info on the set:

I posted a while ago about playing my first solo set. I've played a few times since then and wanted to share a recent recording of it.
I'm embracing what I have to play live with at the moment: an su700 and r8 (wi 808 card) synced to an mc505, a mackie 1202 and a cheap mic + effects box, so the sound is pretty old-fi. The style is a sort of genrebending collection track ideas, which I'll produce properly later in the year.

Be sure to check out more of his music at :.

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