Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Dead President's Society: Everyone You Wish You Could Meet

The Dead President's Society

So today's post has nothing really to do with LivePA per se, but it has everything to do with being really cool. While listening to the .:SonicTalk Podcast:. from there was mention of this cool club called "The Dead President's Society". So what is the "The Dead President's Society", and what does it have to do with music production? Well all of the members of "The Dead President's Society" are former presidents of famous music companies, or have somehow influenced the music production community in a significant way. This club includes the following memebers: Don Buchla, John Chowning, John Lazzaro, Ingrid Linn, Roger Linn, Max Mathews, Keith McMillen, Tom Oberheim, Dave Smith, David Wesse and Jaron Lanier. Holy Crap!!!!!!!

These are or were the movers and shakers of the industry, and apparently they all get together on occasion at a local coffee shop to sit around and talk the talk about music gear and such. Man wouldn't I love to stumble into that coffee shop.

Everyone has probably heard by now about the uber cool collaboration project between Dave Smith and Roger Linn called the Boomchik. You know, the MPC Analog drummachine. Well apparently its idea was conceived at one of these meetings, or so say the guys at Sonicstate. You can find more information about these people and their contributions, as well as the society in general at the link above.

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