Thursday, March 29, 2007

Live Drum-n-bass

Video by the crazy cats at Skankin Studios, Benfleet Essex

Drum-n-bass (sometimes called jungle) is a hard genre to translate into a live performace, particularly because many of the defining characteristics of the "jungle" sound are the result of turntablist-style tricks involving sweeping eqs/filters, and high speed crossfade action. This video is of four guys giving the traditional turntable-based jungle style a run for its money in a live performance including two keyboardists and a pair of percussionists.


ed said...

another live band called Psylab... synth, bass, laptop samples and electronic kit... Roland kit, controlling a custom sampler built in max/msp + kaoss pad for fx. all in real time, no sequencers used.

Playing at DB's Secret Night of Science in NYC:

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