Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The MusicPole Midi Controller


Here is another one of those crazy midi control devices. The MusicPole, which has midi triggers arranged around a cylinder. What is interesting with this is that you don't tap the triggers, but instead glide your finger across them. You can purchase a MusicPole for $395.

The MUSICPOLE MIDI Controller is a brand new musical instrument.

You don't strike the keys of the MUSICPOLE like you would a piano, you stroke the keys like a slide guitar player. By sliding your thumb you can create all the different scales.

The 12 musical keys are labelled around the top of the MUSICPOLE. The MUSICPOLE's key's are arranged symmetrically, like the circle of fifths. The MUSICPOLE is a 3 octave keyboard. The keys have the same black and white scheme as piano. All keys are labeled with their proper note names.

The MUSICPOLE's keys are triggered by special "thumbletz" you wear on your thumbs (thumbletz are made out of conductive fabric. They slide like silk over the keys of the MUSICPOLE).

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