Sunday, April 08, 2007

DJ Hoax and Friends - Live Ambient at Psystream Radio (January 24, 2007)

.:DJ Hoax and Friends - Live Ambient at Psystream Radio (January 24, 2007):.

Continuing our ambient feature, this week's liveset comes from DJ Hoax and friends, and is a set recorded live on Pystream Radio.


Presenting the first release on the exciting Postunder Records from the ambient collective of music students at the University of Wales,Newport. This live ambient set was recorded on the 24th of January in conjunction with and F.S.O.R radio. Marking a new era in live, free improvisation we strive to bring you the best in contemporary chill out, IDM and ambient music. For this project, we used two laptops with Ableton Live, a korg synthesizer with bass and guitar running through a line 6 effects unit. Look out for more of these live recordings in the very near future or tune in to F.S.O.R radio and to get the ful experience of free improvisation and live performance!

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