Thursday, April 05, 2007

JoJo Mayer & Nerve: Doing Live DnB Right

.:JoJo Mayer & Nerve: Doing Live DnB Right:.

My father sent me this link to this video today from a really cool drummer called JoJo Mayer. My father is a drummer so he follows up on all of this stuff. Anyways, JoJo Mayer is in a group called Nerve and they did this great performance of live Drum N' Bass that really would take just about any Dn'B producer to school. The video and the musicianship is extremely impressive.

Unfortunately the video is in Windows Media Format, I believe, so it is not embedable. You will have to head on over to the website to watch it. It is well worth the click though.


Anonymous said...

What's the point in playing live when 90% of your tune is loops anyway? Nice drums though :)

Jon said...

direct link to the video so you can download for convinience

Anonymous said...

We give out the embed object only to register artists to keep their content from spreading without consent. Artists can allow public embedding directly from the system thou.

Anyway here's the direct link to all jojo's videos Jojo Mayer on

Anonymous said...

To the "90 percent is loops" guy --

That performance is largely improvised, and, yes, they are just that F-ing good. Not many musicians can jam and maintain direction. And save for the one loop during "Syncopath", the music is NOT loops, it's ALL live.

The point is to bring the improvisational ethic into a new musical framework, giving players the opportunity to explore new textures, and the audience a performance that is truly unique, and an experience that is interactive, a bit cerebral, and danceable.

As a group, Nerve makes more sense at a club or warehouse party than a (respected) drummer geek convention, though Jojo's incredible technique and artistic expression certainly deserve such recognition.