Saturday, April 14, 2007

Self Promotion: New Podcast I am Running - T.E.M.

.:T.E.M. Podcast:.

This post is just a little self promotion for a new show that I am running at the moment. In addition to the livePA blog here, I am also running a music production podcast simply titled "The Electronic Musican" aka. T.E.M.

The show is basically about topics covering electronic music production. I try to keep the show fairly general in the knowledge base as to try to appeal to everyone out there, with all of the different type of music software. Some with advanced knowledge may find the content too rudimentary at this point, but I plan to have a balanced width between more advanced and beginner information.

The first episode was an introduction to music production, the second covered MIDI, and I just posted the third episode discussed purchasing midi controllers and some gear from Muskimesse.

If your interested please sign up, or if you know someone who may be interested in this podcast please pass it around. I am open to feedback as well on this show. You can email me for this podcast at sup (at)


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