Wednesday, April 04, 2007

RealGuitar & RealGuitar Toolbox

.:RealGuitar Toolbox:.

MusicLAB, the makers of the RealGuitar software, has released a new software interface called RealGuitar Toolbox which enables the user to use the RealGuitar software in a live setting via keyboard or the keytar. Rock on!!!!!!!

For those unfamiliar, RealGuitar is a sample based software guitar instrument that can be played standalone or as a VST plugin. Now why you would not play a real guitar is not entirely clear to me, but if you need to rock out with your keytar here is a good way to do so.

The Toolbox features include:

Play solo and accompaniment guitar parts simultaneously with two individual RealGuitars from a single keyboard using the advanced key split MIDI Input;

Perform accompaniment guitar part with RealGuitar and solo part with any third party synth loaded directly to RealGuitar ToolBox;

Switch on the fly between up to 12 RealGuitars having fully individual settings, including guitar patch, performance mode, any parameter values, panning, etc;

Add audio effects installed on your system to RealGuitar ToolBox output;
Save all configurations as RG ToolBox presets for future use.

Price is $40 for the Toolbox and $160 for the RealGuitar software itself. Both come in both Mac and Windows forms.


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Anonymous said...

Sometimes... you just need to rock the keytar.