Thursday, September 13, 2007

Apogee Duet - Two Channel Firewire Interface

If you've been in the market for a small, handsome, and high-quality portable audio recording solution, Apogee has just released a two-channel, 24bit / 96kHz interface that should make your everyone's mouth droo . The Duet's breakout cable provides two phantom powered, XLR inputs, two unbalanced instrument inputs, and two unbalanced monitor outs; a headphone jack, multi-function knob, LED meters, and Firewire port. AIf you're looking for one of the best audio sounds around for your next live gig, the Apogee might be a nice little box to add to your laptop. It is available in September for $495.



Marc Abramowitz said...

Do you have one?

I'm thinking of buying one and I'm curious to what you think of the sound quality, stability (esp. with Leopard), and usability.

M.A.S. said...

Unfortunately I have not. However, after listening to some reviews from the guys over at it appears to be a very nice audio interface that is very stable. I cannot confirm if they were running Leopard however.